• Catering

    Wareka Caterers provides the professional expertise and guidance needed to make your event truly distinctive. Customized menus is part of our complete range of catering services. Whether you’re celebrating the launch of a new product, acknowledging your staff for a job well done or gathering your key executives together for an important planning session, Wareka has you covered. Keeping your goals and objective on the top of our minds, Wareka will make your event seamless and meaningful.

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  • Kitchen & Deli

    Wareka Caterers & Delicatessen is located at 199 Market Street, Elmwood Park, New Jersey. You can pick up milk and eggs for breakfast or deli meats and cheeses for tomorrow’s lunch. Our deli serves fresh home cooked roasts and Thumann's quality provisions. We also have homemade soups, salads & side dishes. You can purchase prepared foods by the pound or we also have combination lunch and dinner platters.

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